ƒocus on People
Offer the Highest Value in Quality Product and Services
Reach Potential through Empowerment
Tradition of Integrity
Enrich Lives by Encouraging Music Participation
For-te (fôr-tā) n.
1. Something in which one excels.
2. Music-adv. & adj., Played in a loud, strong manner. Growing.
3. Adv. & adj., Emphasis and attention.
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Willis Music & Buddy Roger’s Music is the only full-line music store serving the Greater Cincinnati area and Lexington. We are a fourth-generation, locally owned and operated business with over 120 years of experience. We are committed to providing you with the highest-quality service, musical instruments, and accessories for musicians of all skill levels.

  • Our six retail stores and two repair centers provide you with everything from drums to pianos and everything in between.
  • We rent instruments tailored to your band and orchestra program – including accessories and all the necessities.
  • We remain the place for any and all things print-related.
  • Our print music catalog is represented by Hal Leonard Corporation in the Americas and beyond, Shanghai Music Publishing in China, and Zen-On Music in Japan.
  • Our expert team of teachers provides music lessons in all locations for all instruments.

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