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Need a repair?

If you intend to bring the instrument to our Repair Service Center, you do not need to fill out this form.

Just bring it to our shop between 10-5 Mon-Fri, and 10-4 on Saturdays.

The Willis Music and Buddy Roger’s Music Repair shop is located at 6891 Simpson in North College Hill (45239) An appointment is not necessary!

Please fill out the form below to request a repair pickup.  When you hit submit below, a copy of this form will be sent to our office to alert our representative that a repair is waiting to be picked up at your school.

Make sure that the instrument case has the student’s name on it and leave your instrument with your band director at school in the place designated by them for repairs.  Our school representative will pick up the instrument on their normally scheduled visit.

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Meet some of our technicians:

Scott Snyder headshot

Scott Snyder

Repair Shop Manager

Scott started working for Buddy Roger’s Music in August of 1984 as a repair technician but has been working in repair shops since 1979. To start his repair journey, Scott went through a year of training at the Allied Technical School in Wisconsin where he graduated in 1978. Throughout the years of being a technician, Scott has many professional musician clients, particularly saxophone, that come to him to have their instruments serviced.

Chris Hite headshot

Chris Hite

Brass Repair Technician

Chris is a Music Instrument Repair Technician at Buddy Roger’s Music. Since his arrival in June of 2014, he’s assumed roles in sales, shipping/receiving, sourcing, and ordering of products for our showroom, and consulted with manufacturers in the development and refinement of their products. As the Low Brass Specialist for us, he’s attended conferences and workshops across the country to exhibit our wares and share his knowledge and experience in tuba/euphonium performance and education.

Bob Weekly headshot

Bob Weekly

Brass Repair Technician

Bob started at Buddy Roger’s Music in 1990 as an Instrument Repair Technician. He graduated Bowling Green State University with a degree in Music Merchandising, where he then attended Minnesota State College Southeast Red Wing to study Band Instrument Repair! In his spare time, he mentors Lakota High schools FIRST ever Robotics team which he’s been doing since 2016.

Cook Instrument Repair,  a full-service repair company offers a wide variety of repair services to students and professional musicians.  Our professional staff of certified technicians will get the job done right in a time frame that meets or exceeds industry standards.  We are authorized and recommended by many manufacturers because they know and trust in the quality of our work.

Woodwinds – Brass – Strings (orchestral) – Guitars – Electronics

At our shop, we always prioritize and value cleanliness, and with the current conditions concerning COVID-19, we are even more determined to put the minds of our customers at ease.  We can assure you that every instrument coming into our shop leaves cleaner than it was when it came to us.

Steve Cook Headshot

Steve Cook

Owner Multi-Technician

Steve worked as a professional musician playing guitar and woodwinds.  He started working on guitars in 1988 and was apprenticed in instrument repair while in college.  After years of developing skills, he started Cook Instrument Repair in 1992.  Steve is a member of the National Association of Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT) and is a National and Regional Clinician in the art of instrument repair and technology.

Terry Steding Headshot

Terry Steding

Stringed Instrument Technician

Terry joined the team in 2002.  As an Art Director for a major marketing company, his artistic side came out in his ability to manipulate broken guitars and orchestra instruments.  He spent 5 years of extensive restoration on acoustic guitars before moving on to orchestral strings and the electric guitar world.  He has an incredible wealth of knowledge through his association with NAPBIRT, the Midwest Luthiers Guild, and many other expert Luthiers.  He has also invented innovative tools for the trade.

Dan Barger Image

Dan Barger

Woodwind and Brass Technician

Dan started an apprenticeship with Steve Cook in 1999 and joined the team as a full technician in 2003.  He is also a member of NAPBIRT.  Dan is a professional musician and has developed a network of friends from touring the states.  Dan sets a high standard for himself and it shows in the quality of his work.  His quirky demeanor and his colored beard make him a favorite with many customers.