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What is CMP?

CMP is a Willis Music & Buddy Roger’s Music program offered through our repair shop that extends the life of your instrument with regular maintenance and protects you from costly repairs while under the program. 

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Have “peace of mind” with our nationally acclaimed service department full of certified technicians. 

All repairs and adjustments will be made to keep the covered instrument in good playing condition. CMP instruments receive priority service and free loaners when available. 

Woodwind technicians replace the pads, corks, springs, and felt as needed. They will also check for leaks; and repair, regulate and lubricate mechanisms. Body repairs may include bent posts, torn holes, and cracks in wood clarinets. Broken plastic clarinet bodies, tenons, and exterior cleaning and polishing are not covered. 

Brass technicians pull frozen mouthpieces, valves, and tuning slides when needed. They make necessary repairs such as solder joints, reachable dents, piston and rotor repairs, and slide alignment on trombones. Chemical cleaning is also done when necessary. 

*Coverage does not include restoration of finish, repairs due to abuse, negligence, fire, loss, or theft. Reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures, and other accessories are also not covered. Instruments must be examined and approved by our technicians prior to coverage.

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