Gentlemen at Willis searched for my item and found one just in on a shipment… great service.

I had been buying stuff for guitar at a shop on Preston Highway. I have been in your store several times but never bought anything. I was talking to the store manager at your Jefferson Mall location that someday I wanted to buy an Epiphone Nighthawk. I only get about $800 per month on Social Security due to back surgery. The manager I think John took a lot of time with me and treated me very well. He showed me a Fender that had been dented that retailed for around $179 and had been marked down. I think I found a new music store. I felt like a customer as he took time with me and explain I could even put it on layaway, so I did. He seemed more concerned with me than the other places. I will definitely buy more from him and your store when I can afford to. I usually write companies to complain but not this time. I have worked retail before and managed others but I am not a people person. This guy in my opinion is a keeper. Thanks for listening.

Once again, we really appreciate the excellent pricing and great service we receive from you folks. Anna is a sweetheart and it’s always a pleasure doing business with her. You have loyal customers in us. I frequently refer customers to you and will ALWAYS come to you guys first. I’m grateful to not have to shop at Guitar Center anymore. Even though I worked for them years ago, I would always rather support my local, family owned business than to deal with the big guys. Being a small business owner myself, I really appreciate good service, and we get that at Willis Music. Merry Christmas.

The guys at willis music inside eastgate mall are always helpful and really nice to my daughter when she comes in. Thank You.

Nice store & Chris was great to deal with. I’ll be back!

Always greeted with a smile, the staff is fully informative about their products especially Kevin. Never a problem expediting merchandise back to the vendor that is covered under warranty. And did I mention they remember you by your first name. Will continue to shop here!

I was shopping for an inexpensive guitar strap. I have a new guitar on lay-away, and wanted to wait till I got it to buy a more expensive strap. Samantha Ri.,was very helpful. She hunted and hunted to find one I liked!!! She also suggested(sorry, I do not know the name of the gadget)but It is used to disconnect the head from the strap. made by PLANET WAVES I believe? I was very excited, not having to use a shoestring to attach the strap to the guitar. Many Thanks!!!!!

great service (if not to order missing music books :))

The guys at the Eastgate store were cool, but the guitars need setups and restrings really bad.

I was pressed for time and Chris helped me quick and easy! He answered any questions I had and was very kind and helpful!

I have been a customer for over 15 years and have always been very pleased. I have continually rented clarinets for my 3 daughters over this period of time. They have all been Selmer Clarinets. 2 months ago I returned a Selmer for service and was given a replacement, but of Anthem brand. I had to return it yesterday and was given another Anthem replacement. I had to return that one today because not working correctly. I do just have to say that if any way possible, please get the Selmer’s back! Much better quality! I did purchase one clarinet years ago that was Selmer after renting for a long time. I may purchase again and will definitely be a Selmer if I do. This is the 1st and only disappointment I have had with any of the products you carry. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to let you know of this issue and to let you know of the great satisfaction I have and continue to have with Willis in the future. The employees at the Mall Rd. store in Florence, KY have always been great as well!

Love your store, John and Brian are the best!!

Great service! Brian Shank was very helpful. Thanks!

Very helpful in my selections of purchase. Rick is great!

My first visit to your store it is awsome.Staff is very helpful and very very nice. awsome guys thanks

Very helpful finding what I needed. Thanks!

I feel that I can get what I need for my piano students either off the shelf or by order.

I walked into Willie music today for the first time the salesman Scott Braun was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Repair shop did an excellent job on my daughter’s trumpet.

I am very grateful for the excellent treatment and service provided me by your sales person, Brian Shank. He was very friendly, attentive and courteous. I have previously shopped at Willis Music, and I look forward to shopping there again. Thank you Brian.

very good serves and excellent time to pay for everything

My granddaughter recently had a birthday and this year Emily wanted a guitar. One of the guys in my office suggested that I check out Guitar World. There were two fellows working, neither greeted us when we came in. One was covered with tattoos the other with facial and body piercings too numerous to count. We wondered about the store for over 15 minutes and were never offered any assistance, or even asked why we were there. We left and headed to your store in Florence. As we entered the store we were greeted by a staff member. Denise asked if she could help us & immediately showed us to the Guitar section. She checked to see if Emily could use a full size rather than a smaller instrument (who knew they came in sizes). The entire experience was great. Emily was elated with her present, and when the grandkids are happy so is grandpa. Thank you for having an operation that is customer driver, and staffing your stores with competent sales people.

Great first experience. Our son met his teacher and we got him set up. We’re looking forward to a long relationship with Willis!

Came in store to buy music book was greeted right away from Bill, he took me over to the sheet music and you guys had it in stock. he also told me about special with buying more music. great store and staff. thanks guys!