Denise Burkhardt- The Queen 

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Hi, I’m Denise Burkhardt. My story in music starts back in 5th grade. I begged my parents to buy me a guitar, which they did, and I took lessons. Like most 5th graders, I decided it wasn’t for me, so I put the guitar down. Once I got into high school, I decided that I wanted to play again, however my parents had sold my guitar! Thankfully, they were nice enough to get me another one, and I never looked back.

Where It All Began

 My story with Willis Music started in 1998. I was a senior in high school and was looking for a part time job. I think I had the best job in the world and all my friends were super jealous! After I graduated, I moved to Lexington to attend University of Kentucky. After a year, I decided college was not for me (you actually have to go to class!), so I went to work at the Willis Music in Lexington. I was there for almost 10 years as a sales person and then finally the Assistant Manager. In, 2011, I was offered co-manager at the Florence location. It was great to be back in my home town, even though my family was in Lexington still. I stayed in Florence until May of 2013, when I became Manager of the Eastgate location. That store was a blast to work with, and we had a ton of fun! In October of 2015, I got asked to come back to be the Manager of the Florence store. As of September 2021, I have been running our Online Sales division. 

Denise and Jim Wedding

What I Do In My Free Time

Willis Music is an amazing place to work and I feel like part of the family since I basically grew up and have spent most my life here! Music has been such a huge part of my life, that when my husband Jim and I decided to get married, we did it in Leo Fenders office at the G&L guitar factory.

When I am not at work, you can find me somewhere outdoors. My husband, Jim, and I love mountain and road biking. We also love to camp and kayak. We are planning a trip soon to go bikepacking! I am the Aunt to 3 amazing nieces and 1 nephew, so if I’m not biking, I will be hanging out with them and the rest of the family. I am the proud human to Mesa, my amazing miniature dachshund. 

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